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PAN – Who We Are

The Pennsylvania Association of Notaries (PAN) is a professional notary organization specializing in state-approved notary education and offering step-by-step guidance on how to become a notary and renew your commission in Pennsylvania.

The Association's customer service representatives answer over 200 questions a day from Pennsylvania notaries.

PAN is a membership-based association serving and advocating Pennsylvania notaries. PAN is well-versed in Pennsylvania notary and motor vehicle laws. Additionally, PAN seeks more stringent requirements for appointees and national standardization of notarial procedures.

As the nation's first notary association founded in 1955, PAN has its roots in a small Pittsburgh-based insurance agency, E. R. Munro and Company, a family-owned operation. In an effort to expand the business, company owners and brothers, Samuel and Earle Aronson began selling notary bonds in 1950. Four years later, Earle Aronson purchased some used notary stamp-making equipment and soon the company was producing and selling its own notary stamps and seals.

On Jan. 4, 1955, a petition was filed in Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas requesting the approval of a non-profit corporation. The motion was granted on Jan. 11, 1955 and PAN was born.

Notary education classes became a hit during the early 1960s and now include public and private seminars, online courses. We are currently the leading provider of notary education in the Commonwealth. In 1967, PAN became involved in motor vehicle work and is now considered a noted expert in motor vehicle titling and driver licensing.

Marc L. Aronson has been president of PAN since 1983.