Should an experienced signing agent be covered
by Signing Agent Errors & Omissions Insurance?

Absolutely. Here's why…

Claims Made Signing Agent E&O Policy

PAN's Signing Agent E&O Insurance coverage is a "claims made" policy that only responds if the claim is presented while the insurance is in force. If the policy expires or is cancelled, claims will be denied unless "Tail Coverage" is purchased effective the day the policy expired or was cancelled.

  • Coverage is activated when a claim is made
  • Claim must be made during the policy period
  • Claim must be reported during the policy period**
  • The wrongful act must occur on or after the first day the policy becomes effective. There can be no gaps in coverage.
  • Any claim made prior to the first day of coverage will not be covered

NOTE: Defense costs are part of the liability limit in the policy. Payment by the insurance company of legal defense costs will reduce and may exhaust the liability limit (the amount left to pay your claim).

Claims Made Policy Application

Select the desired "Claims Made" policy below. Download the application, fill it out and return it to PAN. Then add the policy to your shopping cart.

(per claim/aggregate)
Deductible Term Price  
$125,000/250,000 $500 1 Year $458.00
$125,000/250,000 $1,000 1 Year $366.00
$75,000/150,000 $500 1 Year $275.00
$75,000/150,000 $1,000 1 Year $220.00

**Tail coverage is available for up to three years for claims that may be presented after your policy expires or is cancelled and normal coverage ceases. You may only make this purchase at the time the policy expired or is cancelled.

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