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Notary Notes

The Reappointment Process

by PAN
Follow these reappointment steps in order to properly complete the reappointing process:

1.  Take the required three hours of notary education (live PAN Notary Reappointment Seminar or PANcourse Online) and obtain an education certificate.

2.  Complete the notary public application and sign it.

3.  Attach a copy of your education certificate to the application.

4.  E-mail, fax or mail your application and education certificate to PAN.

5.  PAN will review your application and submit it to the Department of State for approval.

6.  Once the Department of State approves your application, you will receive your Notice to Appointee letter and a blank bond from the Department of State several weeks before your current commission expires.

7.  Do nothing with the blank bond you receive from the Department of State. PAN completes your bond for you when you are appointed.

8.  Receive all your notary equipment from PAN. DO NOT use your notary stamp to notarize until after you have been sworn into office.

9.  Receive your completed bond from PAN along with instructions to go to the Recorder of Deeds office with your bond and the proper fees to be sworn in. Fees vary per county. Call PAN at 1-800-944-8790 or your county Recorder of Deeds office to determine the correct fees. PAN provides your county's mailing address and phone number on the cover letter.

10.  Go to the Recorder of Deeds and take your oath of office within 45 days of your appointment date.

11.  Register your signature with your county's Prothonotary. There may be a fee to complete this step. Please call PAN or the Prothonotary's office to determine the fee amount.

12.  You are not a notary public until you take the oath of office (sworn in) at your county Recorder of Deeds and register your signature at the Prothonotary's office.

13.  After you are sworn in, you will receive your commission certificate and identification card. 

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have a lapse in your commission of even just one day, you will be required to take the notary exam before your commission is approved by the Department of State. The exam is hosted by Pearson VUE at one of their exam locations and costs $65. This exam fee is payable online when you schedule the day and time of your exam. There are 30 multiple-choice questions on the exam and a time limit of 60 minutes to complete the exam.

If you take the oath of office within 45 days of your appointment date, you will not be required to take the notary exam.

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