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PennDOT agent

Look Out for Wisconsin Form MV2115 with Title Applications

by PAN
Wisconsin discovered motor vehicle wholesalers are using Wisconsin Form MV2115 to reassign titles and these forms are being accepted by other states. Read more

Acceptable Proof of Identity for Processing Motor Vehicle Applications

by PAN
This Driver and Vehicle Services Update Bulletin No. 21-03 dated February 2021 is to inform you of a change in the acceptable forms of identification for titling and registering vehicles in Pennsylvania. Read more

PennDOT Bulletin on Act 64 of 2020

by PAN
Act 64, signed into law on July 23, 2020, has amended multiple sections of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code. Read more

Driver and Vehicle Services Updates - April-May 2019

by PAN
Summaries of topics in PennDOT's Driver and Vehicle Services Update newsletters. Read more

Issuing Agents Required to Verify Fair Market Value on MV-3

by PAN
PennDOT issuing agents are required to verify the insurance information and purchase price given on applications for vehicle registration renewals or temporary registrations. Read more

Taking a Motor Vehicle Seminar Does Not Make You an Agent

by PAN
There's more to the process of becoming a PennDOT agent than just completing PAN's motor vehicle seminar. Read more

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