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Notary Blog

notary education requirement

What is it like becoming a notary through PAN?

by PAN
Many new members may wonder: what is it like to become a notary public in Pennsylvania as a PAN member? PAN employee and member Angel Dulick describes her experience. Read more

When You Need Notary Education

by PAN
In Pennsylvania, all notaries are required to obtain notary education. Read more

All PA Notaries Need Education

by PAN
Three hours of state-approved notary education is required for ALL first-time and renewing notaries. Read more

Never Too Late to Learn

by PAN
Former grandfathered notaries who have since taken PAN's education seminars have responded positively. Read more

Education Benefits PA Notaries

by PAN
All notary applicants are now required to take three hours of notary education every four years. Read more

Notary Education Requirement

by PAN
What is the education requirement under RULONA, effective October 26, 2017. Read more

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