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Notary Blog

notary exam

My PearsonVUE “OnVUE” Online Notary Exam Experience

by PAN
As one of the Instructors at PAN, I think it is important to understand the process and steps our members take to schedule PearsonVUE’s online exam “OnVUE.” So, I decided to let my commission expire, and take the exam online to share my experience firsthand with you. Read more

Have you taken your notary exam online?

by PAN
A little more than a month ago, Pearson VUE gave notary applicants the opportunity to take the notary exam online via their OnVUE app. Read more

Renewing Your Commission Early

by PAN
If you have been a notary for almost 4 years, it is time to renew your notary commission! We're here to help you through every step of the way. Read more

Pearson VUE's Scheduling System is Down

by PAN
Pearson VUE's scheduling system is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Read more

Your Middle Name and the Department of State

by PAN
Recently, there has been some confusion regarding the use of a middle name on PAN applications and Pearson VUE exams. Read more

What is it like becoming a notary through PAN?

by PAN
Many new members may wonder: what is it like to become a notary public in Pennsylvania as a PAN member? PAN employee and member Angel Dulick describes her experience. Read more

Clearing up the Confusion

by PAN
Clearing up the confusion about renewing notaries and the notary exam. Read more

New PAN Member Prepared for Exam

by PAN
A first-time notary prepared to take the Pearson VUE notary exam. Read more

Exam Preparation Tools Available

PAN has a variety of tools to help you study for your Pearson VUE notary exam. Read more

Eliminate Exam Anxieties

by PAN
The more you know about the notary exam, the less anxious you'll be. Read more

Experiencing the Notary Exam

by PAN
A PAN member shares her experience taking the required notary exam for first-time notaries. Read more

How to Avoid Taking the Notary Exam

by PAN
Renewing notaries can avoid taking the notary exam by following a few simple things. Read more

Info on the Pearson VUE Notary Exam Process

by PAN
Information on the notary exam given by Pearson VUE. Read more

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