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Become a Pennsylvania Notary

PAN Provides Everything You Need

You'll Soon Be on Your Way to Obtaining Your Notary Commission

We make it easy to become a notary in PA. PAN guides you step-by-step through the entire notary appointment process.

According to an audit of notary applications sent to the state, sixty-five percent of notary applications contain mistakes that can cause delays in the appointment process.

As an advocate for notaries, we specialize in Pennsylvania notary and motor vehicle laws. Our customer service representatives answer over 200 notary and PennDOT paperwork questions each day.

PAN alleviates frustration centered on how to become a notary in PA by reviewing your application line-by-line before it is sent to the Department of State. We provide you with the required notary education, all the necessary equipment and continued support you need to fulfill your duties as a notary.

What Potential Notaries Should Know

Questions We've Received From Pennsylvania Notaries

Yes. In fact, PAN has the highest passing rate out of the 20 approved education providers in 2023. Our passing rate is 91%, and we had over 3100 notaries who took our notary education course and passed.

You must complete three hours of mandatory education, find a surety company to execute your $10,000 notary bond, obtain the necessary notary equipment including a notary stamp that conforms with RULONA (Pennsylvania's notary law), pay fees, take your oath of office, record your bond, and register your signature. As a PAN member, we can help you with the entire appointment process.

PAN helps you become a notary and provides all the notary equipment you need, including a $10,000 bond required by RULONA (Pennsylvania's notary law). You get high-quality notary products and our exclusive President’s Product Guarantee, a 100-percent money-back pledge if you aren’t satisfied. Our Customer Service Representatives will answer all your notarial and motor vehicle questions via phone, online chat, or email throughout your notary commission. We also offer tools that make your work as a notary easier, including sample letters and forms and keep you informed on any changes to the notary public law.

Build Your Notary Package

Contacting PAN is a move in the right direction. Taking that first step can be nerve-wracking. But with PAN's help, you'll be on your way to obtaining your notary commission. PAN guides you through the entire process.

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