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President's Biography

Marc L. Aronson, President and CEO

Marc L. Aronson

Since becoming president of PAN in 1983, Marc L. Aronson has served as an ambassador for notaries throughout the United States.

His notarial experience has earned him the reputation as an accomplished lecturer on all topics involving notaries public. Marc travels extensively throughout the United States to speak and confer with a wide variety of organizations and groups, including:

  • The American Bar Association
  • American Land Title Association
  • The Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization
  • The Uniform Law Commission
  • The American Escrow Association
  • The Electronic Signature and Records Association
  • The Mortgage Bankers Association
  • The National Association of Secretaries of State
  • The Property Records Industry Association
  • The Notary Public Administrators

Closer to home, Marc contributes his notarial knowledge to the Pennsylvania Land Title Association, and the Pennsylvania Recorder of Deeds Association.

He served in the Armed Forces in Vietnam and attended the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. While at RIT, Marc developed a passion for general aviation and is now a licensed private pilot.