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Important Information

* Sales tax will be calculated during checkout.

In Pennsylvania, notarial equipment belongs to the individual notary public, regardless of who pays for it. Therefore, sales tax must always be paid, even if the notary works for a tax-exempt organization.

Because PAN is located in Allegheny County, all Pennsylvania customers, regardless of location, must add 1% to the 6% PA state sales tax. Tax is determined by the shipping address. By default, a 7% sales tax is applied unless the shipping address is outside of Pennsylvania.

Shipping & Handling Rates:

  • Orders up to $25.00 $7.95
  • $25.01 to $50.00 $11.95
  • $50.01 to $75.00 $14.95
  • $75.01 to $150.00 $18.95
  • $150.01 to $300.00 $22.95
  • $300.01 to $600.00 $27.95
  • $600.01 to $1,000.00 $33.95
  • $1,000.01 to $1,500.00 $43.95
  • $1,500.01 and above $48.95
Only applies to shippable items