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Renew Your Pennsylvania Notary

PAN Provides Everything You Need

You'll Soon Be on Your Way to Renewing Your Notary Commission

We make it easy to complete your PA notary renewal. PAN guides you step-by-step through the entire notary reappointment process.

Sixty-five percent of notary applications contain errors.* Uncorrected, they could lead to a delay or rejection of your application.

As an advocate for notaries, we specialize in Pennsylvania notary and motor vehicle laws. Our customer service representatives answer over 200 notary and PennDOT paperwork questions each day.

There are three ways to renew your commission in Pennsylvania: Slog through the process on your own, pay a company that claims they will help, or let PAN lead you each step through the reappointment process. We provide you with the required notary education and all the necessary equipment and support you will need to continue your duties as a notary.

What Renewing Notaries Should Know

Questions We've Received From Pennsylvania Notaries

Yes. PAN encourages you to submit your notary application to us before your commission expires, or you will be required to take an exam.

Yes. All notaries are required by law to successfully complete three hours of notary education, either through attendance at a Department of State-approved live seminar or an approved online course. You must submit a copy of your education certificate with your notary application when renewing your commission.

The Department of State recommends beginning the reappointment process early, about three to four months before your commission expiration date. Remember, you may not be notified of your reappointment until two or three weeks before the end of your current commission.

PAN provides:

  1. Education
  2. State application fee
  3. $10,000 notary bond
  4. Notary Stamp
  5. Customer Service Representatives who answer all your notarial and motor vehicle questions via phone, online chat, or email throughout your notary commission
  6. Four years of PAN membership and access to our newsletter, Notary Notes, and our Member Portal.

Build Your Notary Package

Contacting PAN is a move in the right direction. Taking that first step can be nerve-wracking. But with PAN's help, you'll be on your way to renewing your notary commission.

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