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Frequently Asked Questions

Notary and Motor Vehicle Questions

Signing Agent Questions

What can PAN do to help me become a signing agent?

Although we don’t provide specific education or certification for signing agents, we do assist our members through the entire process of becoming a notary. Since becoming a notary is the very first step to becoming a signing agent, you can ensure that the notary application process goes as smoothly as possible by purchasing one of our membership packages. Our packages include everything you need to get started as a notary: state-approved notary education, the necessary notarial equipment, and the required $10,000 notary bond. It also covers the state application fee and includes a PAN membership.

A PAN membership gives you access to PAN’s resources for notaries in Pennsylvania. PAN provides the most up-to-date and accurate information related to PA notary law, regulations, and practices. This is crucial for signing agents, as they deal with high-stakes transactions that require an extreme level of accuracy. With our education and resources, you will be prepared to notarize these important documents in accordance with the law.

We can also help you get insured as a signing agent. Though you may already be insured as a notary, Signing Agent Errors & Omissions Insurance covers the other aspects of what you will do as a signing agent. Our insurance broker E.R. Munro and Company offers Signing Agent E&O insurance. You can visit them at or call them at 877-376-8676.

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