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Criminal Record Check

Criminal Record Check

Criminal Record Check

Item #: 5313
Price: $29.00

Need a Pennsylvania State Police criminal record check? Let PAN do the work for you.

Please note, these record checks are only for the state of Pennsylvania and are processed through the Pennsylvania State Police.

Criminal record checks are non-refundable.


Have you run criminal record checks on your employees this year?

Under the terms of your agent or messenger service contract with PennDOT, you and your employees who complete motor vehicle forms must have annual criminal record checks on file. This includes title clerks, finance and insurance personnel, office managers and any other individuals who may complete or sign a motor vehicle form.

Simply email ([email protected]), fax (800-707-7075), or mail the form below to PAN (One Gateway Center, Suite 401, 420 Fort Duquesne Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1498). We will process your order and send a response back to you.

Download Application

If the results are to be sent via fax, please enter in your fax number in the comments area during checkout.