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Motor Vehicle Messenger Packet

Motor Vehicle Messenger Packet

Motor Vehicle Messenger Packet

Item #: 6350
Price: $20.00

Messengers are authorized under contract with PennDOT to deliver and retrieve motor vehicle paperwork for customers from PennDOT's Harrisburg location.

This packet includes:

  • Cover Letter
  • PAN's Messenger Service Application Form
  • PAN's Criminal Record Check Request Form
  • PA State Police Criminal Record Check Request
  • Messenger's Affidavit
  • Agent/Messenger Verification of Sanction or Investigation
  • Affidavit Regarding Outstanding Liabilities
  • $50,000 Messenger Bond Order Form
  • Fact Sheet - Agent Service Training
  • Application for Registration of Fictitious Name
  • Form SS-4 Application for Employer ID Number
  • Pa. Code Title 67 Chapter 255 Messenger Services
  • Pa.C.S. Title 75 Chapter 61 Powers of Department and Local Authorities (Section 6114)
  • Pa.C.S. Title 75 Chapter 75 Messenger Service