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Notary Pocket Embossing Seal

Notary Pocket Embossing Seal

Notary Pocket Embossing Seal

Item #: ESNTR01
Price: $21.95

Creates a raised impression on any document with the notary’s name, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and notary public. This is not required to be used on Pennsylvania documents but is a permitted notary accessory. It is recommended for documents being sent to other states and foreign countries.

Choose the orientation of your seal. You can choose either top, bottom, right or left, depending on where you most often place the seal on documents.

Constructed of chromed steel, this seal can be dismantled to fit into its own custom carrying pouch. Easy assembly. Functions as both a pocket and desk seal.

Seal Impression: 1 5/8"w x 1 5/8"h

Stamp Impression