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Criminal Record Checks

Need a PA State Police Criminal Record Check?

PAN has an agreement with the Pennsylvania State Police to run criminal records through the Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository database. The results only show arrests made in Pennsylvania in the past 7 years.

Let PAN Do the Work for You

PAN provides a simple form to fill out which can be emailed, mailed or faxed to our offices. Once PAN receives your completed form, it will be submitted to the Repository database.

Results are received instantly. If there is no history in the database, a "no criminal history" result is generated. If there is information available, we receive a "request under review" result. The completed review in this case may take between 2 to 3 weeks or longer before the status is updated from "request under review" to "no record" or “record.”

Order a Criminal Record Check

If your employee(s) are required to have a Criminal Record Check, let PAN do the work for you.

Motor vehicle agents/messengers: Have you run criminal record checks on your employees this year? Under the terms of your agent or messenger service contract with PennDOT, you and your employees who complete motor vehicle forms must have annual criminal record checks on file. This includes title clerks, finance and insurance personnel, office managers and any other individual who may complete or sign a motor vehicle form.

Order Criminal Record Check