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Meet PAN's Instructors

Notary and Motor Vehicle Experts

PAN’s instructors have extensive teaching backgrounds in diverse fields. They are well-versed in the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (RULONA, Pennsylvania’s notary public law), motor vehicle transactions, and complex notarial forms and procedures.

Brian Dowd

Manager of Customer Experience and Training

Brian Dowd

Brian is known for his upbeat and energizing presentations and quick sense of humor. His engaging teaching style has helped hundreds of men and women understand the complexities of notarial work and the importance of the function of the notary in today's society.

Before joining PAN in 2004, Brian worked for a variety of training companies. His areas of expertise include people skills training, customer service coaching, sales and marketing. He is a graduate of Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in political science.

"I adapt my teaching methods to meet the needs of my audiences. I make my presentations fun and informative to help notaries achieve higher levels of professionalism," said Brian.

Brian Crocker


Brian Crocker

Brian has been an instructor with PAN since 2004. He is an expert in Pennsylvania notary law, notarial procedures and PennDOT motor vehicle paperwork. Brian's distinctive voice can be heard on PAN's online courses, PAN's notary public application interactive tutorial and on other informational videos.

Before joining PAN's team of instructors, Brian worked for United Healthcare Insurance for 14 years, with the last four years as a trainer in the Pittsburgh service center. He is a graduate of Westminster College with a bachelor's degree in telecommunications and computer science.

"I like to tell stories about real notaries and the mistakes they have made. It helps participants realize potential liability and will hopefully keep them out of trouble," said Brian.

Crystalann Jones


Crystalann Jones

Crystalann joined PAN’s education team in 2021. Crystalann works with our instructors to teach our members about all things notary and motor vehicle.

Before joining the association, Crystalann was an actress for twenty years with SAG-AFTRA. She was also a teacher in Saudi Arabia and has dubbed voice overs in English for Chinese movies and soap operas. Crystalann has a degree in Modern Languages, Applied Arts, and Psychology from Point Park University, along with a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate from Oxford Seminars.

When she is not working, Crystalann enjoys spending time with her eight cats and traveling to various places around the world!

“One of my favorite things about PAN is our commitment to excellent customer service,” said Crystalann.

Need a Private Seminar?

Are you looking to hold training at your on-site location? Call PAN’s Customer Service Department to learn more about a private group seminar at 1-800-944-8790. You can also visit our Business Support Program page to obtain more information.

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