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Notary and Motor Vehicle Education

Improve Your Skills in Less Than One Day

PAN provides state-approved notary or motor vehicle education at various locations throughout Pennsylvania. PAN is the leading provider of notary education in the Commonwealth, offering live and private seminars and online courses.

Notary Education

All notaries in Pennsylvania need state-approved notary education when applying to become a notary and when renewing their commission. PAN offers notary education including online self-study seminars, online seminars via Zoom and live seminars at multiple locations. This education does not satisfy PennDOT’s agent services contract.

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Motor Vehicle Education

Motor vehicle education is required every two years to continue with your PennDOT agent services contract. Notary education does not make you eligible for PennDOT contract services work.

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Private Seminars

Are you looking to hold training at your on-site location? Call PAN's Customer Service Department to learn more about a private group seminars at 1-800-944-8790. You can also visit our Business Support Program page to obtain more information.

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Need More Than Education?

PAN makes it easy to become a Pennsylvania notary or renew your commission. We guide you through the complicated process and provide everything you need as a notary.

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