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Motor Vehicle Services

Motor Vehicle Agents

Interested in becoming a PennDOT agent? PAN has everything you need to apply for a contract as a card agent, full agent, dealer, messenger, salvor, or miscellaneous motor vehicle business.

Become a PennDOT-Authorized Motor Vehicle Agent

As a notary, you can execute any motor vehicle form which requires notarization. However, you cannot transfer registration plates, issue temporary registration cards, issue temporary registration plates (T-plates), or issue 30-day in-transit plates. These things can be done only by individuals who apply to become authorized agents under contract with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). Act 152 of 2002 requires all issuing agents (including card agents, full agents, and dealers) and messenger services to sign contracts with PennDOT to provide service to the public.

If you are knowledgeable about motor vehicle transactions, you can still help customers complete forms that do not require notarization. We recommend that you first take a seminar to learn about motor vehicle transactions in Pennsylvania.

PAN offers motor vehicle seminars for this very purpose.

One of the most valuable services PAN has to offer its members is assistance in completing driver licensing and motor vehicle transactions. As a member, you can rely on PAN to help you find answers to any questions you may have.

Motor Vehicle Agent Packets

Our free motor vehicle information packets will guide you easily through the PennDOT process. Each packet conforms to Act 152 legislation regarding PennDOT's Driver and Vehicle Services. PAN does not provide assistance or legal advice on starting a business.

Our information packets guide you through the application process for getting an agent services contract with PennDOT. You can download a free packet, or buy the packet in printed form.

Select a packet from the list below to view its details.
Card Agent Packet

Card agents are authorized under contract with PennDOT to issue temporary registration cards when transferring existing registrations from one vehicle to another. Card agents cannot issue registration plates. Permanent registration cards, plates and stickers are issued by PennDOT.

Download Card Agent Packet

Purchase Card Agent Packet
Full Agent Packet

A full agent is an individual other than a manufacturer or dealer authorized by PennDOT to issue temporary registration cards and plates. Full agents can issue new registrations as well as transfer existing registrations from one vehicle to another.

Download Full Agent Packet

Purchase Full Agent Packet
Messenger Packet

A messenger is an individual authorized by PennDOT to deliver and obtain driver licensing and vehicle registration documents to and from PennDOT, for a reasonable service fee, for consumers in the Commonwealth. A messenger may work exclusively for an agent service and may or may not provide counter service to the general public.

Download Messenger Packet

Purchase Messenger Packet
Dealer Packet

Vehicle dealers are licensed by the Department of State, State Board of Vehicle Dealers, Manufacturers and Salespersons. If a dealer wishes to issue plates, the dealer must also be under contract as a full agent with PennDOT.

Download Dealer Packet

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Salvor Packet

A salvor is a salvage dealer or repair towing service authorized to tow abandoned vehicles in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. A salvor must be licensed as a Vehicle Salvage Dealer or Repair Towing Service prior to obtaining a certificate of authorization for processing abandoned vehicles.

Download Salvor Packet

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Miscellaneous Motor Vehicle Business (MMVB) Packet

PennDOT defines a miscellaneous motor vehicle business (MMVB) as a vehicle salvage dealer, transporter, financier-collector/repossessor, or a person who maintains an established place of business and who is engaged in the business of repair, service or towing of motor vehicles including but not limited to passenger cars, trucks, implements of husbandry and special mobile equipment.

Download MMVB Packet

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