A bond guarantees a notary's faithful performance
of duty and as a member, PAN offers you guidance
in your guarantee.

Notary Bonds

A bond guarantees a notary’s faithful performance of duty. A bond is mandated by law and protects your customers from loss as a result of negligence. Pennsylvania requires a notary to carry a $10,000 bond during each four-year commission.

As a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Notaries, we can offer you guidance in your guarantee.

How to Obtain a Notary Bond

Your mandatory four-year $10,000 notary bond is included when you purchase a PAN Notary Appointment Package or Notary Reappointment Package, which include membership. Upon your appointment, your bond is completed and sent to you.

If you purchased just a membership and need a notary bond, please contact us at 800-944-8790 Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

If you are not a member, PAN’s insurance broker, E. R. Munro and Company offers notary bonds in addition to full agent, card agent, motor vehicle dealer/issuing agent, messenger and salvor bonds.