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Notary Notes

A 25-Year Salute

by PAN
Known for her quick and accurate answers to complex notary and motor vehicle paperwork questions, Ruth Kohler has served PAN members and co-workers for 25 years.

She is sensitive and funny; a quick wit and smart, even though she denies her intelligence. She wears her favorite stilettos with confidence and offers a hug whenever a co-worker is in dire need of comforting. Mention grandchildren and her face lights up. She is, after all, the proud mother of two sons and grandmother to three grandsons and one granddaughter.

Customer Service Representatives DeAnna DeMart and Lisa Rizzo rely on Ruth every day. “There is so much to say about Ruth. The knowledge that she has both inside and outside of work is outstanding. She is the kindest person with the biggest heart that no doubt belongs mainly to her family. Working here wouldn’t be the same without her,” said DeAnna. “She is a resource to us all and helps us learn daily. I just love her. And when Jon (Marencel) calls me mini Ruth, I laugh but it’s really a compliment. She’s the best.”

Lisa said, “It is a pleasure working with Ruth. She has vast knowledge regarding PennDOT motor vehicle forms and protocols. She is always willing to help when I can’t find an answer. She cares about how I am doing and asks about my family. She has a kind heart and I feel lucky to have her as a co-worker….She also has a shoe collection that I am envious of.”

PAN President and CEO Marc L. Aronson summed up his feelings about Ruth in this way. “Ruth is our Rock of Gibraltar. She provides stability and a common sense approach in communicating with and serving our members. As a CSR team leader, she works at setting an example for the other CSRs on her team and other teams. When the other CSRs have a question, Ruth is the one person we all turn to for answers. She is our walking encyclopedia of notary and motor vehicle knowledge. Want to know about a motor vehicle process that started 20 years ago; ask Ruth. Want to know about an arcane notary procedure; ask Ruth. Want to know the best way to serve a member in an awkward situation; ask Ruth. Having troubles at home; ask Ruth for advice. Having troubles with a co-worker; ask Ruth. Having troubles with the boss; ask Ruth. Need a good idea for a birthday/ wedding/Christmas present; ask Ruth. Need something proofread for technical accuracy; ask Ruth. Have a problem placing an order for a member; ask Ruth. Ruth is the “mother” we all wish we had. She is caring, loving, sensitive to the feelings of others and wants nothing for herself. If you are looking for an example of service and honesty, all you need to do is look to Ruth. In the end, if the world had more “Ruths,” it would be a much better place.”

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