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Motor Vehicle

Look Out for Wisconsin Form MV2115 with Title Applications

by PAN
Wisconsin discovered motor vehicle wholesalers are using Wisconsin Form MV2115 to reassign titles and these forms are being accepted by other states. Read more

Acceptable Proof of Identity for Processing Motor Vehicle Applications

by PAN
This Driver and Vehicle Services Update Bulletin No. 21-03 dated February 2021 is to inform you of a change in the acceptable forms of identification for titling and registering vehicles in Pennsylvania. Read more

Personal Delivery Devices

by PAN
Act 106, signed into law on November 1, 2020, has amended the definition of "Pedestrian" in Title 75, The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code. The act takes effect January 30, 2021. Read more

Pennsylvanians Experiencing Homelessness Eligible for Free ID Renewal

by PAN
Act 131 of 2020 makes it possible for Pennsylvanians experiencing homelessness to be issued a free initial photo ID or renewal. Read more

Dealers' Documentary Fee Increases for 2021

by PAN
The maximum documentary fee licensed dealers can charge increased from $324 to $328 for processing title work manually. Read more

Odometer Exemption Change Effective January 1, 2021

by PAN
The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a final ruling to amend the odometer disclosure exemption from 10 years to 20 years. The final rule is effective January 1, 2021. Read more

PennDOT Bulletin on New Registration Plate

by PAN
Act 48, signed into law on July 1, 2020, has added section 1369.4 of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code. Read more

PennDOT Bulletin on Act 64 of 2020

by PAN
Act 64, signed into law on July 23, 2020, has amended multiple sections of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code. Read more

Let Freedom Ring License Plate Available Soon

by PAN
In celebration of the United States' 250th birthday, PennDOT will release a newly designed license plate. Read more

Act 64 Exempts Some Limited POAs

by PAN
A bill signed into law exempts limited powers of attorney (POAs) used to sell, purchase or transfer manufactured homes from expiring in 90 days. Read more

PAN's YouTube Video on PennDOT Death Procedures - Part 1

by PAN
PAN Instructor Jon Marencel leads you through Part 1 of a new YouTube series on PennDOT death procedures. Read more

MV Online Course to be Updated

by PAN
PAN's motor vehicle online course will be updated on July 16, per PennDOT's request. Read more

PennDOT Changing Packaging and Processing of Plate Orders

by PAN
PennDOT is changing the way it packages and processes plate orders to help eliminate the backlog of orders. Read more

Update to Form MV-351

by PAN
PennDOT has revised Form MV-352 to allow for pick-up of temporary tag plate orders at PennDOT's Riverfront Office Center in Harrisburg. Read more

PennDOT Offers Guidance on March Car Deals

by PAN
Car deals made between March 4-19, 2020 and were not processed, can now be processed. Read more

Operational Changes at PennDOT Headquarters

by PAN
PennDOT's Riverfront Office Center is open for motor vehicle services only. Read more

Messengers, Dealers, Agents Work in Yellow Phase Counties

by PAN
Motor vehicle services, i.e., messengers, dealers, and agents are permitted to open in yellow phase counties. Read more

Delaware County $5 Fee Effective June 1

by PAN
The $5 fee for vehicle registrations in Delaware County is effective on June 1, 2020. This is also known as the Local Use Fee. Read more

PennDOT Update May 8, 2020

by PAN
PennDOT announces important information for messengers, agents, and dealers in this latest update. Read more

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