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Notary 101

What to Do When There's No Notary Wording

by PAN
More often than not, customers do not know what type of notarization they need. If the document doesn’t have the proper notary wording to indicate what act to perform, your customer has to choose a notarial act to be performed. But how can they choose if they don’t understand? Read more

Using Social Media to Grow Your Notary Business

by PAN
Social media is more than a place to share funny videos of cats with your family and friends. Notaries can use it as a powerful marketing tool to help attract new customers and build lasting relationships. Read more

New Year Notary Review

by PAN
As 2022 approaches, it is time to review some of the most important rules a notary must follow! No matter how long you have been a commissioned notary, it is good to refresh your knowledge of the basics each year. Read more

What Should You Do if Your Stamp is Stolen?

by PAN
What would you do if you notary stamp was stolen? In this article, we discuss what steps to take if you notary equipment is stolen or misplaced. Read more

Your Middle Name and the Department of State

by PAN
Recently, there has been some confusion regarding the use of a middle name on PAN applications and Pearson VUE exams. Read more

The Dos and Don'ts of Petitions

by PAN
As election season approaches, you may be asked to notarize petitions. It is easy to make a mistake when notarizing a petition. We want to help you perform your notary duties with confidence. Read more

Answering the Criminal History Question on Your Application

by PAN
In this article we discuss how to answer the criminal history question on your application. Read more

Requirements of your Commission

As a notary, there are many requirements that go into obtaining your notary commission and retaining it. Read more

Criminal History on the Notary Application

by PAN
Information on the criminal history requirement on a notary application. Read more

Identifying Your Customer

by PAN
The proper ways to identify your customer is discussed. Read more

How to Handle Multiple Signers

More than one signer for a document to be notarized? Read more

Notarizing Travel-Related Documents for Minors

by PAN
A traveling minor may need a notarized consent letter and a certified Spanish translation of legal documents, including parental consent letters if the minor is traveling to a Spanish-speaking country. Read more

When it comes to Redacting - Should You?

by PAN
When and if you should redact information from your notary register. Read more

When There's Personal or Financial Interest

by PAN
How to determine when a notary has personal or financial interest in a transaction. Read more

Keeping a Proper Notary Register

by PAN
The importance of keeping a proper notary register. Read more

Bosses Need to Know the Law

by PAN
The importance of bosses knowing the Notary Public Law. Read more

When to Replace Your Notary Rubber Stamp Seal

by PAN
Details on when you need to replace your notary stamp. Read more

Recognizing an Affidavit

by PAN
Tips to help you recognize an affidavit. Read more

What is a Credible Witness?

by PAN
The Pennsylvania Notary Public Law states that a credible witness is someone who testifies under oath or affirmation to the identity of your customer. Read more

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