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Notary Notes

Fraud Guard service monitors records in Philadelphia

by PAN

The City of Philadelphia Records Department has an improved email alert service available to all notaries public to help them determine if their signature and notary stamp were used fraudulently on a document recorded in the Department.

The expanded Deed Fraud Guard service informs notaries if their name appears as the notary in a document recorded in Philadelphia. If a notary learns their name and stamp have been forged, they can now record a Notary Affidavit at no cost against the property stating that they did not notarize the deed. The notary must have the affidavit notarized by another notary. Details about how to record a Notary Affidavit can be found in a new Records Department regulation. Read the full regulation here.

All Pennsylvania notaries may sign up on the Fraud Guard web site for this free email alert service.

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