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Notary Blog


Notary Certificate Must Indicate Electronic Notarization

by PAN
The Pennsylvania Department of State notes that the notary wording attached to or logically associated with an electronic notarial act must indicate that the act involved the use of communication technology. Read more

Notarizing a Signature By Mark in Pennsylvania

by PAN
A signature by mark is an alternative to writing a full signature. In this article, we discuss what we suggest is best when notarizing a signature by mark. Read more

New Year Notary Review

by PAN
As 2022 approaches, it is time to review some of the most important rules a notary must follow! No matter how long you have been a commissioned notary, it is good to refresh your knowledge of the basics each year. Read more

The First Line of Defense Against Fraud

by PAN
A notarization indicates to the receiver of the document that the signer appeared before a notary public, was identified, and signed the document. The notary's official stamp and signature indicate that the notarization was performed according to the law. Read more

You Are Still A Notary

by PAN
Even if you have been laid off, remember, you are still a notary. Read more

More RULONA Tidbits

by PAN
RULONA, Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts, what you need to know Read more

The Challenges of Implementing RULONA

by PAN
How the Department of State implemented the new notary public law. Read more

Highlights of the Proposed Regulations on RULONA

by PAN
Highlights of the proposed regulations on RULONA. Read more

One Year Anniversary of RULONA

by PAN
The enactment of RULONA in 2017 changed the way notaries fulfill their notarial duties. Read more

Your Duties When Notarizing

by PAN
A notary's duties under RULONA. Read more

Assessing the Competency and Willingness of the Signer

by PAN
Section 308 in RULONA specifically authorizes a notary to refuse service based on the notary's satisfaction with the circumstances of the transaction. Read more

What's the Difference Between RULONA and Regulations?

by PAN
You must follow both the new notary law (RULONA) and regulations. Read more

Questions on RULONA

by PAN
A list of questions PAN received about the new notary law (RULONA). Read more

A RULONA Compliant Checklist

by PAN
A handy checklist to follow to be sure you are compliant with the notary public law. Read more

How Do You Notarize Under RULONA, the New Notary Public Law?

by PAN
Learn the step-by-step process for four of the most common notary acts under RULONA, the new notary public law. Read more

New Notary Law Begins Oct. 26

by PAN
What does the new notary public law - RULONA - mean to you as a Pennsylvania notary? Read more

Where is the Revised Notary Law?

by PAN
A status of the new Pennsylvania Notary Law, also known as the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts. Read more

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