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Notary Notes

New Year Notary Review

by PAN

As 2022 approaches, it is time to review some of the most important rules a notary must follow! No matter how long you have been a commissioned notary, it is good to refresh your knowledge of the basics each year. We have made a list of five notary basics that have been overlooked by notaries in Pennsylvania this year.
  • Use your notarial journal to record the details of each notarial act you perform in chronological order. A complete journal entry is required for each notarization. Our YouTube video, What to Record in Your Notary Journal, explains in detail what is required for a complete journal entry. 
  • Demand the personal appearance of all signers. Your customer must be in your presence or must appear before you via an approved communication technology. You cannot notarize for anyone who does not appear before you.
  • Properly identify all signers. You must identify your customer by means of personal knowledge or satisfactory evidence of identity.
  • Look for notarial wording on the record. The notary wording indicates which notarial act is called for. If it is not present, you must add it, or you cannot notarize the record.
    • Remember, the customer must choose which notarial act they want. Notaries are not permitted to choose for the customer. 
  • The venue indicates where you are when you notarize. You can act as a notary in all 67 counties of Pennsylvania. Make sure the state and the county you are in are correct in the venue.
Remember, you can always refuse any notarization you are uncomfortable performing or you know to be fraudulent, or illegal. Protect your notary commission this upcoming year and be sure to follow the proper steps to notarizing a document in Pennsylvania.

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