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Notary Notes

The Department of State's Disciplinary Actions: November 2021

by PAN

The Bureau of Election Services and Notaries took the following disciplinary actions against notaries public in November 2021:
  • A Lackawanna County notary was convicted of a felony or an offense involving fraud, dishonesty, or deceit.
    • This notary permanently and voluntarily surrendered his notary commission.
  • A Montgomery County notary failed to require that the individual making a statement or executing a signature on a record appear personally before her, recover the stamp when leaving her employment, and maintain a journal of all notarial acts performed in the manner required.
    • This notary permanently and voluntarily surrendered her notary commission.
  • A Philadelphia County notary failed to comply with the law and failed to discharge a duty required of a notary public.
    • This notary was suspended for 18 months, immediately stayed in favor of probation, levied an administrative penalty of $500 and a probation assessment of $900.
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