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Electronic Notarization

Notary Certificate Must Indicate Electronic Notarization

by PAN
The Pennsylvania Department of State notes that the notary wording attached to or logically associated with an electronic notarial act must indicate that the act involved the use of communication technology. Read more

Governor Signs Remote Online Notarization Bill Into Law

by PAN
On Oct. 29, Gov. Tom Wolf signed House Bill 2370 into law, amending the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (RULONA) to make remote online notarization (RON) permanent in Pennsylvania. Read more

Electronic Journals

by PAN
The correct type of electronic journal to use according to the notary public law. Read more

Remote Notarization of all Documents Legal For Now

by PAN
The governor has signed Act 15 which enables notaries to notarize all documents through the use of remote online notarization. Read more

ENotaries Must Use Approved Vendors

by PAN
Notaries who have been approved by the State to perform electronic or remote online notarizations must use State-approved vendor technology. Read more

Will Your E&O Insurance Cover You on Electronic Notarizations

by PAN
Does errors and omissions insurance cover notarizations done through electronic technology? Read more

RON Permitted For Some Documents

by PAN
Remote online notarization is being permitted, according to the State, for certain documents, such as those involving end-of-life issues. Read more

In-Person Electronic Notarization vs Remote Online Notarization

Confused about electronic notarization and remote online notarization? PAN Instructor Jon Marencel explains the difference. Read more

The Steps Involved to Become an Electronic Notary

by PAN
Steps Involved to Become an Electronic Notary Read more

PAN President Co-Chairs Project

by PAN
Marc L. Aronson co-chaired work on a paper on electronic notarization for the Property Records Industry Association. Read more

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