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Notary Notes

The Steps Involved to Become an Electronic Notary

by PAN
Now that you are a commissioned Pennsylvania notary, you may apply for approval to notarize electronically.

In its most basic form, electronic notarization is the process of a commissioned notary affixing an electronic signature and notary certificate to an electronic document. Rather than a paper document and an official notary stamp, the notary digitally places his or her identifying information to  a document that exists as electronic data in a computer-readable form.

How to become an electronic notary (e-notary)

The first step to become an electronic notary is to complete the application. The electronic notary application form is available on the Department of State's Web site at You must verify that you have not had any criminal or disciplinary actions (pending or otherwise) since being appointed and commissioned as a notary public.

Upon approval by the Department, a letter willb e sent to your business office of record and a corresponding E-mail sent to your E-mail of record (the E-mail address you listed on your notary application). This letter authorizes you to participate in the Department's Electronic Notarization Program until the end of your four-year commission or the expiration of your chosen electronic notarization solution, whichever comes first.

The approval letter will also instruct you on how to obtain an electronic notary solution from an approved solution provider. You may only use an e-notary solution from an approved electronic notary solution provider. A list of approved providers is on the Department of State's Web site at

Before the issuance of any electronic notary solution, you will need to appear at your county recorder of deeds office and present your approval letter and identification, such as a driver's license.

Once you have completed the in-person identification at the recorder of deeds or similar office, you will be notified by E-mail to log onto the Department of State's Web site to select an approved electronic notary solution provider. You will be required to pay a fee to the solution provider for issuance of the electronic notary solution. The Department of State provides information to the selected electronic notary solution provider that you are authorized to receive an electronic notary solution.

Once your electronic notary solution has been issued, notification will be made to the Department of State and the electronic notary's record will be updated to show that an electronic notary solution was issued to you.

Now that all the steps are completed, you may use your electronic notary solution. when you are completing an electronic notarization for a customer, the customer must appear in person and you must properly identify them. You must also record the notarization in your journal, just as you would with a paper document notarization.

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