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Keep Your Office of Record Address Up to Date

by PAN
All Pennsylvania notaries public are required to keep a current office of record mailing address on file with the Department of State. Your office of record address is where the Department will send any official notices or letters. Read more

The Dos and Don'ts of Petitions

by PAN
As election season approaches, you may be asked to notarize petitions. It is easy to make a mistake when notarizing a petition. We want to help you perform your notary duties with confidence. Read more

Five Simple Notarial Mistakes to Avoid

by PAN
In this article we describe five common mistakes that notaries made in 2020, so you can avoid them in 2021. Read more

What is it like becoming a notary through PAN?

by PAN
Many new members may wonder: what is it like to become a notary public in Pennsylvania as a PAN member? PAN employee and member Angel Dulick describes her experience. Read more

Answering the Criminal History Question on Your Application

by PAN
In this article we discuss how to answer the criminal history question on your application. Read more

PAN's YouTube Video on PennDOT Death Procedures - Part 1

by PAN
PAN Instructor Jon Marencel leads you through Part 1 of a new YouTube series on PennDOT death procedures. Read more

MV Online Course to be Updated

by PAN
PAN's motor vehicle online course will be updated on July 16, per PennDOT's request. Read more

No Notary Wording Webinar Offered

by PAN
PAN instructors will host a free webinar on what to do when there's no notary wording on a document. Read more

Recognizing Notary Wording Webinar

by PAN
A PAN webinar focusing on how to identify the notary statement and using this to determine which notary act to perform. Read more

PAN's Latest Webinar Focuses on Notarizing In Yellow Phase Counties

by PAN
PAN's Education Department is hosting a webinar on how to notarize in the counties placed in the yellow phase. Read more

Pearson VUE Opens More Testing Centers

Pearson VUE will open more testing centers in counties in the yellow phase. Read more

Pearson VUE Notary Exams Reauthorized

by PAN
Pearson VUE has reauthorized notary exams for another six months. Read more

In-Person Electronic Notarization vs Remote Online Notarization

Confused about electronic notarization and remote online notarization? PAN Instructor Jon Marencel explains the difference. Read more

Tutorial on PAN's Notary Online Course

This video contains an easy-to-follow guide on how to access and take PAN's online course. Read more

New PAN Member Prepared for Exam

by PAN
A first-time notary prepared to take the Pearson VUE notary exam. Read more

Making Certified Copies as a Pennsylvania Notary

by PAN
This video talks about the process for making a certified copy for Pennsylvania notaries. Read more

Embossing Seals in Pennsylvania

by PAN
Have you ever wondered about those embossing seals and why you might see some Pennsylvania notaries use them, and some that do not? Read more

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