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Notary Blog


Renewing Your Commission Early

by PAN
If you have been a notary for almost 4 years, it is time to renew your notary commission! We're here to help you through every step of the way. Read more

Check out PAN Trivia

by PAN
Join us on Facebook for our monthly PAN Trivia contest. Read more

Charity Auction Nets $2,204 for Vets

by PAN
PAN's third annual charity auction raised over $2,200 for a western Pennsylvania veterans program. Read more

Saying Goodbye

by PAN
PAN is saying goodbye to long-time Instructor Barry Lynch who is retiring on June 2. Read more

Enjoy Helping People?

by PAN
Our new program - PVC - PAN's Volunteer Connection - your pipeline to volunteer opportunities. Read more

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If you make a mistake you can be held liable, which could result in a claim against your $10,000 bond. The Pennsylvania Association of Notaries (PAN) can help you notarize documents that confuse you.

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