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The First Line of Defense Against Fraud

by PAN
A notarization indicates to the receiver of the document that the signer appeared before a notary public, was identified, and signed the document. The notary's official stamp and signature indicate that the notarization was performed according to the law. Read more

Five Simple Notarial Mistakes to Avoid

by PAN
In this article we describe five common mistakes that notaries made in 2020, so you can avoid them in 2021. Read more

Governor Signs Remote Online Notarization Bill Into Law

by PAN
On Oct. 29, Gov. Tom Wolf signed House Bill 2370 into law, amending the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (RULONA) to make remote online notarization (RON) permanent in Pennsylvania. Read more

Let's Review RULONA

by PAN
RULONA introduced significant changes in the way Pennsylvania notaries fulfill their notary duties. Read more

A Guide to Notarial Wording

by PAN
Always look for proper notarial wording before notarizing any document. Read more

Violations Spelled out in RULONA

by PAN
A list of violations in RULONA. Read more

New PAN Member Prepared for Exam

by PAN
A first-time notary prepared to take the Pearson VUE notary exam. Read more

Witnessing or Attesting a Signature

by PAN
Witnessing or attesting a signature authorizes a notary to witness or attest a signature. Read more

More RULONA Tidbits

by PAN
RULONA, Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts, what you need to know Read more

Revisiting Proper Journal Use

by PAN
The steps for filling in your RULONA-compliant journal properly. Read more

The Challenges of Implementing RULONA

by PAN
How the Department of State implemented the new notary public law. Read more

Are Stamped Customer Signatures Allowed Under the Notary Law?

by PAN
Stamped signatures are permissible under the notary law. Read more

Highlights of the Proposed Regulations on RULONA

by PAN
Highlights of the proposed regulations on RULONA. Read more

Never Too Late to Learn

by PAN
Former grandfathered notaries who have since taken PAN's education seminars have responded positively. Read more

One Year Anniversary of RULONA

by PAN
The enactment of RULONA in 2017 changed the way notaries fulfill their notarial duties. Read more

When Refusing Service is the Right Thing to do

by PAN
When you should refuse service to a customer who wants something notarized. Read more

Direct or Financial Interest

by PAN
Examples of what is considered direct or financial interest in a notarization. Read more

What Am I doing When I'm Witnessing or Attesting a Signature?

by PAN
PAN addresses confusion about the notarial act - witnessing or attesting a signature. Read more

Education Benefits PA Notaries

by PAN
All notary applicants are now required to take three hours of notary education every four years. Read more

Understanding Forms of Acknowledgment

by PAN
RULONA does not require notaries to change the old forms of acknowledgment to the new forms. RULONA just simplified the wording on the notarial certificates. Read more

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