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Notary Notes

Never Too Late to Learn

by PAN
Since PAN instructors began teaching formerly grandfathered notaries in RULONA-based reappointment seminars, the overall response has been positive.

Prior to October 26, 2017, grandfathered notaries were not required to take education. The law now requies all notaries to obtain three hours of education, either in a live seminar or online. At first, our instructors weren't sure how the previously grandfathered notaries would react to being in a classroom and having to learn an entirely new notary law.

Instructor Heather Apel says she can tell which notaries are new to the reappointment seminars.

"There is typically a look of surprise on their faces when they hear something they didn't know before," she said.

In July, Instructor Jon Marencel said one attendee told him, "I've been a notary for 20-plus years and it took a three-hour class to show me all the stuff I was doing wrong over the years. I'm glad I came."

When Instructor Brian Crocker teaches PAN's Notary Reappointment Seminar, he asks attendees to raise their hands if they were previously exempt from education. Some of them groan and some laugh, but in the end, they realize that it's never too late to learn.

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