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Notary Tidbit

Assessing the Competency and Willingness of the Signer

by PAN
RULONA specifically authorizes notaries to refuse to perform notarial acts when certain conditions are not met. For example, a notary may refuse to notarize based on the notary's evaluation of the signer's competency and willingness to sign the record. Read more

Tips for Mobile Notaries

by PAN
In current times, almost anything can be done from the comfort of your own home, even notarizations. A mobile notary can travel from location to location to perform notarizations upon request. Read more

What is it like becoming a notary through PAN?

by PAN
Many new members may wonder: what is it like to become a notary public in Pennsylvania as a PAN member? PAN employee and member Angel Dulick describes her experience. Read more

A Refresher on Customers' Signatures

by PAN
Ways to handle notarizations' signature component properly when a disabled customer appears before you. Read more

Things to Remember as a Notary

A quick review of some simple things all notaries must remember and abide by. Read more

Did Your Commission Expire in the Middle of the Application Process?

by PAN
What to do if your notary commission expires in the middle of the application process. Read more

Finish the Commissioning Process

by PAN
If you do not finish the commission process which includes taking the oath of office, recording your bond and registering your signature, you cannot notarize. Read more

Notary Tidbits

by PAN
A listing of snippets of notary information. Read more

Become a Notary

Assum summo vidisse an pri, rebum ignota labitur at mea. Veniam omittam id est, ius sanctus detraxit elaboraret te. His.

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