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Notary Notes

Tips for Mobile Notaries

by PAN

In current times, almost anything can be done from the comfort of your own home, even notarizations. A mobile notary can travel from location to location to perform notarizations upon request. Mobile notaries are often called upon to perform notarizations at customer’s homes, businesses, or other locations.

Working as a mobile notary is a rewarding process that gives you the opportunity to meet and help new people. As a mobile notary, you decide how and when to conduct your business. Following these tips can help you succeed when notarizing on the go.

  • Get your name out there. Start a social media page and begin handing out business cards. This can help get your name and the services you offer out to potential customers.
  • Make sure you are easy to reach. You should be readily available to customers by responding to calls, emails, and voicemails in a timely manner.
  • Always be prepared for quick travel. If a client calls and needs a notarization, be prepared to pick up and go without much hesitation. Keep your notary equipment and supplies together in one secure spot so you can quickly grab them and take them to the notarization.
  • Make sure your vehicle is maintained. Making sure that your vehicle is serviced will reduce the risk of a breakdown and allow you to get to all your customers on time.
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner. Arrive on time, ready to work. Be polite but focus on the reason you are there: to notarize for your customer. Explain the procedure and fees and follow the proper steps for the type of notarization.
  • Follow up with your customer. In a day or two, send your customer an email asking them to review your service and thank them again for their business.

Your professionalism, organization, and preparedness will be appreciated by your customers who will, in turn, spread the word to others for any future notarizations. By standing out among the mobile notaries in your area, you can build lasting customer relationships that will bring more mobile notary business your way.

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