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Notary Notes

More RULONA Tidbits

by PAN
Some random bits of information from the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (RULONA):
  1. The official signature of each notary must be registered in the Prothonotary's office of the county where the notary maintains their office of record. In second-class counties (Allegheny, Delaware, Montgomery), the official signature of a notary must be registered in the office of the clerk of courts.
  2. The name of a notary's municipality is no longer required on the official stamp.
  3. Reappointing notaries must complete three hours of notary education.
  4. A venue must be part of the notarial act.
  5. A notary may not refuse service based on race, color, national origin, sex or gender, pregnancy, gender identity or expression.
  6. If you move outside of Pennsylvania, but retian a work address in the Commonwealth, you may retian your notary commission.
  7. Notary eligibility requirements include being able to read and write English.
  8. An important aspect of notary work is properly identifying your customer.
  9. A credible witness must make a verification on oath or affirmation.
  10. You must replace your official stamp if you have a name change, unless you continue to use your old name until your current commission expires.

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