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Notary Notes

Violations Spelled out in RULONA

by PAN
Violations of the laws stipulated in the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (RULONA) may cost you money and suspension or revocation of your notary commission. 

These violations include: 
  • A fraudulent, dishonest or deceitful misstatement or omission in the application for a commission as a notary submitted to the Department of State, 
  • A finding against, or admission of liability by the applicant or notary in a legal proceeding or disciplinary action based on the fraud, dishonesty or deceit of the applicant or notary, 
  • Failure by the notary to discharge a duty required of a notary, whether by RULONA or by state or federal law, 
  • Use of false or misleading advertising or representation by a notary indicating that the notary has a duty, right or privilege that the notary does not have, 
  • Violation by a notary of a regulation of the Department of State, 
  • Denial, refusal to renew, revocation, suspension or conditioning of a notary commission in another state, and 
  • Failure of a notary to maintain a bond relating to appointment and commission as a notary. 
In addition to the omissions listed, notaries are subject to criminal penalties for: 
  • Holding him or helself out as a notary or as a notarial officer or to perform a notary act when he or she is not a commissioned notary, 
  • Falsely pretending to be a notary or notarial officer and performing any action under such false pretenses (impersonating a notary), and 
  • Use of an official notary stamp by a person who is not the notary named on the stamp. 
In an investigation or hearing, the Department of State may subpoena witnesses, administer oaths, examine witnesses, take testimony and compel the producing of documents for investigating alleged violations of disciplinary provisions administered by the Department. 

The Department may initiate civil proceedings to enforce the requirements of the law and enforce regulations or orders issued under the law. Aditionally, the Department may request the prosecution of criminal offenses to the extent provided by RULONA or otherwise provided by law relating to notaries, notarial officers or notary acts. 

An administrative penalty of up to $1,000 for each violation may be imposed in addition to the denial, refusal to renew, revocation, or suspension of a commission because the individual lacks the honesty, integrity, competence and reliability to act as a notary. 

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