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Notary Notes

New PAN Member Prepared for Exam

by PAN
In order to become a first-time notary, Annie B. knew she had to pass the Pearson VUE notary exam. She went prepared. 

"I used the PAN online basic education course and went through it twice," said Annie who works for a financial services company in Greensburg. "I also took the practice exam tutorial a few times prior to taking the test." 

The Pearson VUE facility in Westmoreland County is on Donohoe Road in Hempfield Township, near Westmoreland Mall. 

"They give you a locker and lock to use to put all of your personal items in. Once you do that, you are taken to a room with a person to check you in and to make sure your information is correct," Annie said. The staff at the facility also took her photograph. 

"There were other individuals taking different tests already in there, so I had to be quiet going in," she added. "Tthe entire place seemed more like a high school than anything else." 

Pearson VUE allows 60 minutes to complete the exam. Annie said it took her between 15-20 minutes from the start of check-in to completion. Before she left the facility, Annie learned she passed the exam, despite several questions that confused her. 

"I was a little nervous about taking the exam but I usually do pretty well taking tests so it wasn't bad," she said. "I felt prepared." 


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