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Notary Notes

A Guide to Notarial Wording

by PAN
Before notarizing, look for the proper notary wording (Certificate of Notarial Act). 

Venue - All documents need a venue. The venue is the geographic location where the notarization is performed (county and state where you and your customer are standing). 

Venue Wording - Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, County of ________________

Notary Statement - The notary statement determines which notary act you are completing. The most common notary acts are verification on oath or affirmation, and acknowledgment. RULONA introduced a new notary act, witnessing or attesting a signature. 

Verification on Oath or Affirmation Wording 

Signed and sworn to (or affirmed) before me on ______________ by _________________. 

Acknowledgment Wording 

This record was acknowledged before me on _______________ by ___________________. 

Witnessing or Attesting a Signature Wording 

Signed (or attested) before me on _______________ by _____________________. 

When the Document has no Notary Wording 

If the document you are handed to notarize does not have any notary wording, you must ask the customer which notary act they want you to perform. You may describe a verification on oath or affirmation, acknowledgment, and witnessing or attesting a signature. Do not give advice or make the decision for the customer. 

"I can't notarize the document the way it is, because there isn't any notary wording. I can offer you options so you can choose what you want." 

Verification on oath or affirmation - You would swear or affirm that the contents of the document are true and sign it in my presence. 

Acknowledgment - I would confirm your understanding and willingness to sign the document. I would also need to confirm your signature. 

Witnessing or attesting a signature - You would simply sign the document in my presence. 

If the customer cannot choose which notary act they want, you must refuse to notarize. If the customer choose a notary act, you should ask for permission to add or attach the notary wording. 

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