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Your Duties When Notarizing

by PAN
A notary's duties under RULONA. Read more

Prohibited Acts and Sanctions

by PAN
A list of prohibited acts and the sanctions as per RULONA. Read more

Assessing the Competency and Willingness of the Signer

by PAN
Section 308 in RULONA specifically authorizes a notary to refuse service based on the notary's satisfaction with the circumstances of the transaction. Read more

What's the Difference Between RULONA and Regulations?

by PAN
You must follow both the new notary law (RULONA) and regulations. Read more

What Do I Do With My Old Stamp?

by PAN
When you resign or retire as a notary or your stamp has expired, here's what you need to do. Read more

Things to Remember as a Notary

A quick review of some simple things all notaries must remember and abide by. Read more

Exam Preparation Tools Available

PAN has a variety of tools to help you study for your Pearson VUE notary exam. Read more

Notary Expert Available for Speaking Engagements

by PAN
PAN President Marc L. Aronson, an expert in notary law and practice, is available to speak to your professional organization, company or civic group on the new notary law, RULONA. Read more

Proper Journal Use

by PAN
Are you filling in your RULONA-compliant journal correctly? Read more

Questions on RULONA

by PAN
A list of questions PAN received about the new notary law (RULONA). Read more

Experiencing the Notary Exam

by PAN
A PAN member shares her experience taking the required notary exam for first-time notaries. Read more

The Diference Between an Oath or Affirmation and a Verification on Oath or Affirmation

by PAN
Difference between an oath or affirmation and a verification on oath or affirmation. Read more

A RULONA Compliant Checklist

by PAN
A handy checklist to follow to be sure you are compliant with the notary public law. Read more

More Than Witnessing Signatures

by PAN
Being a notary is more than just witnessing signatures. Read more

Are You Compliant with the Law?

by PAN
Are you compliant with the notary law's mandates that were effective on October 26, 2017? Read more

How to Avoid Taking the Notary Exam

by PAN
Renewing notaries can avoid taking the notary exam by following a few simple things. Read more

Info on the Pearson VUE Notary Exam Process

by PAN
Information on the notary exam given by Pearson VUE. Read more

How Do You Notarize Under RULONA, the New Notary Public Law?

by PAN
Learn the step-by-step process for four of the most common notary acts under RULONA, the new notary public law. Read more

Notary Education Requirement

by PAN
What is the education requirement under RULONA, effective October 26, 2017. Read more

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