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Notary Notes

Revisiting Proper Journal Use

by PAN
Are you filling in your RULONA-compliant journal correctly? Every time you notarize, the act must be entered into your journal in chronological order. Information includes:
  • The date and time of the notary act. It is always the date and time in which your customer stands before you in person.
  • A description of the record, if any, and the type of notary act.
  • Notary fee, if charged.
  • Clerical and administrative fees, if charged.
    • If you do not charge a notary fee and/or a clerical and administrative fee, you must enter 0 (zero) or N/C for "No Charge" in these spaces.
  • Customer information including name, city and state.
  • Statement regarding the method of identification and any identification credential presented, including the date of issue and expiration date.
    • If you are using personal knowledge as the identification method (meaning you know your customer as a neighbor, friend, co-worker, etc.), then checking the box for Personal Knowledge is enough. It satisfied the statutory requirement of identification.
  • If using satisfactory evidence as the method of identification, other pertinent information may be included and written in the Remarks column. However, do not include the customer's personal information such as full driver's license, Social Security or state identification card numbers, financial account numbers, etc., in your journal.
  • If a credible witness is being used for the proper identification of a customer, the credible witness must complete a verification on oath or affirmation that each of the following is true:
    • The credible witness personally knows the individual appearing before the notary public through dealings sufficient to provide the credible witness with reasonable certainty that the individual has the identity claimed.
  • Use of a credible witness requires a separate notarization entry in your journal.

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