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Notary Notes

PAN Member Assists Patients With Voting

by PAN
Deaglan McManus's first dealings with a notary was in 2016 when she needed an application for an emergency absentee ballot notarized.

"My grandmother, Josephine Stierer McManus, served 27 years as Judge of Elections for the largest voting district in the state," said McManus. "She had voted in every primary and general election since becoming eligible, except for that primary in 2016. By the time we got the ballot to her at UPMC Presbyterian that night, she wasn't well enough to complete it before the 8 p.m. deadline."

McManus said the notary that day took 20 minutes trying to figure out how to fill the emergency absentee ballot correctly and didn't seem confident in what she had done.

"Finding a notary was on eof the hardest parts of the process," said McManus. "It made me seek out how to become a notary."

She found PAN online and signed up for the next available notary education.

In October 2018, PAN Customer Service Representative and PAN Volunteer Connection (PVC) Coordinator DeAnna De Augustines sent out an E-mail informing Allegheny County notaries about the need for notary volunteers to help with Pittsburgh Ballots for Patients during the 2018 General Election. McManus responded as did other Allegheny County notaries.

"The primary reason I became a notary was to assist people in hosptials with voting," said McManus. "I think (PVC) is a great initiative of PAN and makes me proud to be a PAN member. I contacted Paul O'Hanlon with Pittsburgh Ballots for Patients and volunteered."

Election Day 2018 was a successful day for 23 patients who wanted to vote but were hospitalized at UPMC McKeesport Hospital. McManus was there to help them exercise their rights to vote.

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