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Notary Notes

Renewing Your Commission Early

by PAN

If you have been a notary for almost 4 years, it is time to renew your notary commission! To renew your commission, you are required to fill out your notary application and take a 3-hour state-mandated notary education course. If you do not complete your education and renew your commission before it expires, you will be required to retake the Pearson VUE notary exam. You would also be unable to notarize until you pass the exam and are reappointed as a notary, due to a lapse in commission.

To ensure uninterrupted commissioned status, your application should be submitted at least 2-3 months prior to the expiration of your current commission and allow at least one month for processing after submitting a completed application.

Our customer service representatives are often asked, “If I renew early, does it cut my current commission short?”

The short answer is: no! Your current commission expiration date does not change if you renew early; PAN recommends it.

The date will only change if you renew your commission after your current expiration date. You will not “lose” any time from your current commission by renewing early. The new expiration date will reflect the end of your current commission, and start of your new one. For example, if your notary commission expires in December, 2022 and you renew your commission in September, your new expiration date would then be December, 2026, not September.

You can call PAN with any questions about the renewal process Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. You can also chat with a PAN customer service representative on our website

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