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Notary Notes

January 2022 Seminars Cancelled

by PAN

Out of concern for the health and safety of our members and employees, PAN is cancelling some of our January 2022 seminars. The following seminars have been cancelled:
  • First Time Notary Seminar on January 11th in King of Prussia
  • Everyday Notary Challenges on January 11th in King of Prussia
  • Notary Reappointment Seminar on January 12th in King of Prussia
  • First Time Notary Seminar on January 25th in Lancaster
  • Notary Reappointment Seminar on January 26th in Lancaster
  • Motor Vehicle Basic on January 13th in Altoona

All participants have been contacted and Zoom seminars are now available for enrollment for our Notary Reappointment and First Time Notary Seminars. Our Motor Vehicle Basic course will be available online to those who enrolled.

If you would like to attend a live seminar at a later date in 2022, you can call us at 800-944-8790, email us at [email protected], or chat with a PAN customer service representative through our Live Help by visiting our website,

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