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Notary Notes

PennDOT Bulletin 24-08 - General Registration Reissuance

by PAN

PennDOT has initiated a reissuance process to replace the oldest registration plates in use, starting with plates beginning with the letters E, F, G, H, and Y during a transfer of the registration plate to a new vehicle. This process, which began in January 2018, aims to ensure that vehicles on the road have up-to-date and properly functioning registration plates.

Now, PennDOT is expanding the reissuance program to include the “J” series passenger plates. Many of these plates were manufactured over ten years ago and are showing signs of wear and tear. Effective March 25, 2024, PennDOT will be adding passenger plates from the series ‘J’ to the general registration plate reissuance.

In addition to this expansion, a new general reissuance has commenced with the central replacement of all standard issue plate configurations beginning with ‘D’. Customers with plates beginning with this configuration will receive a letter informing them that their registration plate will be replaced. It's important to note that these ‘D’ series plates are no longer eligible for replacement at the time of transfer.

If you are a dealer or an online agent involved in registration transfers, it’s crucial to consider these changes. Dealers should factor in processing times when handling transactions involving a ‘D’ series plate, as these plates will no longer be eligible for replacement at the time of transfer. Online agents must also take into account their internal processing time when deciding whether to replace or transfer a ‘D’ series plate.

It’s important to stay informed about these changes to avoid any inconvenience or unexpected fees. If a ‘D’ series plate is replaced in error after the specified date, a $13 registration plate replacement fee will be required to process the transaction, and the agent/dealer will not be reimbursed for the plate.

To facilitate this reissuance effort, PennDOT urges customers to promptly attach their new plate to their vehicle upon receipt, as their old plate configuration will be deactivated in PennDOT’s system.

If you are a PAN Member and have questions regarding the latest bulletin, contact us by calling 800-944-8790 or email us at [email protected].

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