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Notary Notes

Tackling the Future of Identity

by PAN
Have you ever considered what’s involved in developing identification standards and policies?

Think tanks and high-level study groups, such as those created by the American Bankers Association, the World Bank and Open Identity Exchange, and groups within the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), have taken on the task of determining the future of identity in our ever-evolving electronic age.

PAN President and CEO Marc L. Aronson attended two separate conferences in January which focused on identity.

The attendees of the International Identity Law and Policy Workshop, held on January 14, see a strong push for legislation governing online identity management.

“The advent of the electronic age has caused folks to re-assess how identity is valued and used in this country and around the world,” said Marc. “And identity is what notarial work is all about.”

Discussions included possible approaches to identity management legislation, issues that may arise by such legislation, and possible policy approaches. Attendees also pondered the question of the trustworthiness of an online identity management system.

NIST meeting attendees met to review and provide comments on three white papers focusing on identity proofing, authenticating technologies of identification, and evaluating the trustworthiness of identity management.

“These groups are working on the ground floor to put together an international and legislative prospectus of identity,” Marc said. “This is the cutting edge of what is going on with identity and identification and it will eventually affect notaries.”

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