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Notary Notes

Requirements of your Commission

As a notary, you've come to realize there are many requirements that go into obtaining your notary commission as well as retaining it. Here's a review of just some of those requirements:


As a Pennsylvania notary, you must live or work in the state. If you are not a resident, you may not apply unless you are employed in Pennsylvania. Your employer must have a physical location (an actual office) in the state and not just a mailing address that serves to establish a business presence here.

If you move outside the state but sill work in Pennsylvania, you may retain your notary commission. But, if you no longer live or work in the state, you must resign your commission. That means your registers must be delivered to the county recorder of deeds within 30 days of your resignation. You must also submit a notary public resignation form or letter to the Secretary of the Commonwealth and your notary rubber stamp seal must be returned to the Secerary within 10 days of your resignation.

Name and Address Changes

We dealt with the requirements for name and address changes in the July/August 2015 issue of Notary Notes. Just remember, if your name changes during your commission, youmay continue to sign using your old name until your current commission expires. Or, you may sign your new name immediately once you purchase a new rubber stamp seal and register your new signature with the county prothonotary's office. No matter which option you choose, you must notify the Secretary in writing and the county recorder of deeds in person or in writing within 30 days.

If you have an address change you must inform the Secretary wiithin 5 days and file your change of address with the county recorder of deeds within five days. You will need to register your signature within the prothonotary if you have moved to a new county within 30 days.

Resignation or Termination of Employment

If you resign or are terminated from your job, your notary commission is still yours. Sometimes an employer will demand a notary's equipment, including their rubber stamp seal and registers.

Your notary equipment is your exclusive property and cannot be used by any other individual or handed over to an employer when you resign or are terminated from your job.

You can leave a copy of your register with your employer, if you're asked to do so.

Keep your registers even after they are filled. If you resign, decide not to reapply for your commission or upon your death, your registers must be delivered to the county recorder of deeds where you took your oath or office within 30 days.


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