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Notary Notes

PAN's 2019 Member Survey

by PAN

PAn's 2019 Member Survey was a great way to learn about your thoughts on our services. You did not disappoint us. 

We sent the survey to our entire membership and were very pleased when we received 3,034 responses. It's humbling to know that 23.14 percent of you have been members for 16+ years. Thank you for believing in us and our services. 

Here are some other statistics from the survey: 

34.08 percent said PAN helped them get appointed/reappointed
16.61 percent said their employer asked them to use PAN
14.34 percent cited our education and training as reasons why they are members
 9.20 percent are members because of our customer service 

In fact, many of you mentioned particular customer service representatives in your comments. We believe our customer service representatives and instructors are the front-line of PAN. Thank you for your kind words about them. 

 7.94 percent said they are PAN members because we answer their notary and/or motor vehicle questions 
 7.78 percent said convenience was the main reason for their PAN membership
78.75 percent rated PAN as "excellent," and 
79.90 percent would definitely recommend PAN to others

We were also very happy with how many of you mentioned that you enjoy reading Notary Notes and receiving our reappointment reminders. 

The survey was open for two weeks and during that time, we monitored each individual response. When a member had an issue or a question, we emailed a reply and tried to help. Of course, not everyone was happy with our efforts. We will continue working on creating a better member experience for everyone. 

Some of the survey comments were downright funny and made us laugh out loud. These comments appeared under the question, "What more can PAN do for you?" 
  • "Give free ice cream"
  • "Make it rain less" 
  • "Unless you can do something to improve my short-term memory because I forget all the new stuff all the time, not much" 
  • "Mow my lawn" 
  • "Wash my car" 
Thank you again for participating in PAN's 2019 Member Survey. If you have any issues, questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-944-8790, Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

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