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Notary Notes

PAN President Part of Notary Task Force

by PAN
The ideas came fast and furious as members of the notary subgroup of the Fraudulent Conveyance Task Force, created by the Philadelphia Bar Association, gathered together to discuss how to prevent and combat housing fraud in the City of Brotherly Love. 

PAN President and CEO Marc L. Aronson is a member of the Task Force notary group. He gave a presentation during the September 6, 2019 meeting of the Philadelphia Bar Association on the notary law, use of notary equipment, the protections of the mandatory notary bond and optional errors and omissions insurance, and the procedures involved in notary sanctioning, in addition to addressing the most common violations of the notary public law. 

One notary spoke up during the Task Force meeting and said someone created a notary stamp using her name and information. The phony notary stamp was used 50 times. Some of the fraud victims came to her home and screamed at her. 

The FBI wanted to talk to her. The Philadelphia Office of Inspector General wanted to talk to her. She thinks someone is making notary stamps and educating people on how to steal homes. 

"Peopl are pretending to be notaries because you can get a notary stamp anywhere," Marc said. "What these fake notaries are doing is denigrating notaries who perform their notarial work according to the law." 

During the September 6 meeting, suggestions were discussed to help combat against housing fraud which included increasing the fines and penalties for impersonating a notary, extra community education, requirements to prove a notary is a notary, and so on. 

The Task Force work is ongoing. More meetings have been scheduled to forumlate a specific plan of action to help stop the rise of housing fraud in Philadelphia. 

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