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Notary Notes

Disciplinary Actions - March-April 2020

by PAN
Eight notaries from six counties were disciplined by the Department of State for violations of the notary public law. 

Clarion County 

A notary from Knox agreed to the permanent suspension of her commission because she was convicted of an offense involving fraud, dishonesty or deceit and pled guilty to one count of a violation of the Motor Vehicle Code. the notary issued two temporary plates without authorization from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. 

Lackawanna County 

A Moscow notary permanently and voluntarily surrendered her commission for notarizing the signature of her husband four days after he had signed and dated a building permit. She failed to be of good character, integrity and ability and failed to be familiar with the duties and responsibilities of a notary public. 

A notary from Scranton was suspended for three years and six months, the first six months in active suspension and the remaining stayed in favor of probation for forging signatures and notarizing those signatures. In addition, she failed to maintain custody and control of an accurate notary journal. She must pay  civil penalty of $3,000 and probation assessment fees of $1,800 and complete 12 hours of notary education. 

Luzerne County 

A Hazleton notary had her commission suspended for 18 months, which was stayed in favor of probation for failing to require the personal appearance of an individual whose signature was being executed. She must complete six hours of notary education and was levied a civil penalty of $500 and $900 in continued monitoring costs. 

Philadelphia County 

A Philadelphia notary agreed to the placement of a public reprimand on her permanent disciplinary record for lacking the honesty, integrity, competence or reliability to act as a notary public for failing to comply with the terms of an order by the Department from October 11, 2018. 

A second notary from Philadelphia failed to require personal appearance and to know that the individuals appearing before him were the individuals described in and executing a deed to convey property. In addition, he failed to maintain an accurate and chronological journal. He had his commission suspended for 12 months and must successfully complete six hours of notry education and provide proof of his education attendance within the first six months of hs probation. The remaining six months of his suspension will be stayed in favor of probation and he is required to submit copies of his journal detailing his notarial activities. 

Schuykill County 

A Pottsville notary was suspended for three months, which was stayed in favor of probation and levied a fee of $150. She must also complete six hours of notary education during her probationary period. 

Washington County 

A notary from Canonsburg permanently surrendered his commission for failing to require personal appearance of the party who executed the document. He failed to keep and maintain an accurate chronological journal of all notary acts and failed to be of good moral character and integrity. 

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