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Notary Notes

Just Put Your Stamp On It

by PAN
You aren't alone when your boss comes to you with a document lacking any type of notary wording and says, "just put your stamp on this." Many Pennsylvania notaries face this dilemma every day. 

How do you handle this request? 

PAN recommends that you explain to your boss that there is no notary wording on the document. Ask your boss what type of notrial act he or she wants you to complete. Should it be an acknowledgment, a verification on oath or affirmation, witnessing or attesting a signature? Explain the differences between the acts if necessary. 

If your boss tells you the notarial act he or she needs, then great. Ask permission to add or attach the notary wording. Problem solved. 

On the other hand, if your boss insists that you "just notarize this" or "just put your stamp on this," you must politely refuse. 

PAN recognizes that refusing the notarization puts you in a difficult position with your boss. But he or she is asking you to do something that is contrary to RULONA. 

Explain to your boss that a document with just a notary stamp and signature on it is meaningless. A notarization must include the proper notary wording, including a venue and the notary statement. 

Your boss needs to understand that failure to follow RULONA regarding correct notarization procedures could get you sued and your notary commission suspended or revoked by the Department of State. 

If you have a boss who insists on not following RULONA, contact PAN President Marc L. Aronson at 1-800-944-8790, Ext. 113 or email him at [email protected] 

"I'll b e glad to contact their boss to give a gentle reminder about the importance of following the notary law and the consequences of ignoring it," said Marc. 

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